Dental Negligence Solicitors in Manchester, Lancashire

You can rely on our dental negligence solicitors in Manchester, Lancashire, to deliver sound advice and practical solutions.

Caring for You

Claims Dental UK Ltd specialise in getting justice for patients who have suffered from dental malpractice and negligence. Should you suspect you have not received the full duty of care, don't hesitate to seek tailored, specialist legal advice.

Dentists must administer correct dental treatment. Should a dental practitioner fail to do so, and you suffer as a result, you may have a valid dental negligence claim. Don't suffer in silence. Call on our expert lawyers for sound advice today.

Putting Things Right

From routine dental care to advanced cosmetic surgery, we handle the legal aspects of the dentistry you have received. For fair and responsible lawyers, look no further than Claims Dental UK Ltd.

Here for You

We assess whether you have a dental negligence claim, and investigate the case with professionalism, empathy, and attention to detail. We determine whether the treatment was in line with the professional standards set by the General Dental Council (GDC).

The short- and long-term damages suffered as a result of negligent dental practices are far-reaching and devastating. We understand that you need time and support. Personal injury suffered as a result of dental negligence could include:

Here for You

  • Physical damages

  • Nerve pain

  • Infection

  • Psychological damages

  • General pain

  • Post-surgical healing problems

Contact our dental negligence solicitors in Manchester, Lancashire, for sound dento-legal advice.